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Picture of Odi Stadium

Picture of Odi Stadium


Capacity : 60000

Status : In Use

Primary Sport or Event : Football (Soccer)

Main Tenant : Garankuwa United

Odi Stadium elevation above sea level : 1167m

Location Map

Map showing the location of Odi Stadium in South Africa.

Previous Comments For Odi Stadium

I'm so disappointed with onye army and Ben when there argued that there's no stadium called odi stadium
By Odi chukwu okechukwu odi on 11/01/2022
I am so disapointed to hear that Tshwane has earmarked the stadium for demolition.Why can't they renovate it or at least repurpose the grand stands to meet the PSL status.Wjat do they mean by multipurpose park.This simply means they want to reduce the stadium to a mere park.This is really absurd.The stadium was useful during the times when black South Africa had no facilities.Now that FIFA 2010 has seen the erection of new stadia and rebuilding of existing ones,our Odi stadium was left to delapidate deliberately.This hatret for and loath of Mangope has really brought misery to former Bop constituents.We feel betrayed by the anc .They used us to get rid of Mangope now they spit us like sugersucked chewing gum.Now we are 3rd class cityzen s of Tshwane.We are now very very disgrantled.
By Theko on 31/08/2021
the anc government abandoned both Odi and Mmabatho stadias, with the intention to erase Former Bophuthatswana legacy. same thing with industrial sites, and Teachers colleges.
By Raphael on 31/12/2018
I cant sleep at night because of this iconic mega structure just standing there and been waisted, I am willing to talk to the city see if they can allow us to find the right investors who can re build the stadium and make it the iconic monument in our community of mabopane,ga rankuwa, soshanguve, and other closed by township. This stadium has been standing for almost 30 year and it can be rebuild, improved, and modified only if we can put our Hope's on that and it will stand more 300 years. All Hope's have been lost from the up coming soccer players to the community would we be sad and just let it go I say no I will fight if need be to keep our kadi pride #odistadium.... #mapopanegaintstadium
By Andries Molathlegi on 28/12/2018
the 2010 legacy should have benefitted this iconic stadium teams are sharing stadiums and yet we got stadiums that are neglected what a shame South Africa
By Bongani Cele on 27/01/2017
As a football fan,I remember Odi Stadium for many classic games. The stadium should have benefited from the Fifa 2010 World Cup Legacy program. A bit of an upgrade on power and water line,will do just fine.
By Nhlanhla Sibanyoni on 23/11/2016
can any1 please advise if Odi stadium has a conferencing facilities/rooms. i need to know urgently
On 24/03/2015
Yoh is this what it has come to? I live just next to it and I didn't even know that this was the case, how am i going to allow my child to go into such a scary structure for training? Who can be connected to put this magnificent structure of ours back into its original form?
By MG on 12/03/2014
Surely city of tshwane is only concentrating in attridgeville the must something they must do about this stadium shame city of tshwane
By molatelo boshomane on 29/05/2013
Come on guys lets try to do something with this stadium.i believe that it's the biggest stadium in tshwane.look at old trafford in manchester it was used for war in england but know,it's one of the world's greatest stadium.
By Thapelo motau on 14/05/2013
Odi stadium is without water, electricity and no maintenace. This stadium need to function like before, it a man made structure if there is anything wrong with the physical stucture surly it can be fixed, the community can benefit a lot from this stadium. PLS COMMENT ON THIS ISSUE.
By Pro on 29/11/2011
Odi is now neglected it is a shame to see our stadium in such a mess. what happened to this ones an icon of our communities in and around Tshwane? see pictures inset.........
By Pro on 25/11/2011
Is it going to be used in the South Africa 2010 World Cup?
On 07/06/2010

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