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Picture of Rungrado May Day Stadium

Picture of Rungrado May Day Stadium


Other Names : May Day Stadium

Capacity : 150000

Year First Built : 1989

Status : In Use

Primary Sport or Event : Football (Soccer)

Main Tenant : North Korea national football team

Rungrado May Day Stadium elevation above sea level : 61m

Location Map

Map showing the location of Rungrado May Day Stadium in North Korea.

Previous Comments For Rungrado May Day Stadium

By ALOYSIUS on 14/01/2019
Comments for Rungrado May Day Stadium *IT IS REALY GOOD
By ALOYSIUS on 14/01/2019
It Magnificent and wonder thanks to north korea
By Rashman on 07/10/2018
i too am wondering how dis stdium can be d largest in d world!!
By Aniket Roy on 28/06/2012
I amazing
By adrian on 12/04/2012
this stadium cost $14.6 billion to build
On 23/03/2012
anyone know's which contractor was used?
By Max on 12/04/2011
i reckon the north koreans are lying about the capacity because if you look at the pictures of the inside of the stadium it doesn't look anywhere near as big as the others in the top 10!
By Bob Smith on 18/03/2011
How can a stadium this good come out of North Korea
On 10/02/2011
quality stadium
By EARZ 2011 on 26/01/2011
I saw only Peoples Palat in Bucharest as big as this! such a waste!
By Felix on 03/08/2010
Huge stadium which i would like to visit but i cant see that happening? I tried looking up the cost of this stadium but like everything in North Korea - secret squirrel!!!
By The BearWolf on 28/07/2010
how much did it cost to build it?
On 08/06/2010
wow thats a small stadium you should check out birmingham citys ground... thats what you call a stadium
On 15/05/2010
it was built by a country and not by private investors.
On 30/03/2010
i'm wondering how can this stadium is bigger than the camp nou stadium.
By Afzal on 02/02/2010
this stadium is really amazing. thanks to kim il sung the great leader
By halis demirci on 04/01/2010

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