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The Strahov Stadium contains 9 football pitches and is the training centre for Sparta Prague.

Picture of Strahov Stadium

Picture of Strahov Stadium


Capacity : 220000

Year First Built : 1926

Status : In Use

Primary Sport or Event : Football (Soccer)

Main Tenant : Sparta Prague

Pitch / Playing Area Dimensions (Length : 310m, Width : 202m)

Strahov Stadium elevation above sea level : 333m

Location Map

Map showing the location of Strahov Stadium in Czech Republic.

Previous Comments For Strahov Stadium

By Joseph Kimati on 16/05/2021
It's a ridiculously large stadium. Fallen into disrepair but holds 250000. The flat bit in the middle has been divided up but even then you realise how big the stadium ia especially when it takes 30 mind to walk around it
On 29/11/2014
It was meant as gymanstic and athletic stadium about 100 years ago. The problem was that communists used it as propaganda after 1945. So in 1989 after revolution, it was disused because of the hate to everything connected to communism. Than to use it they split it into small fields so it would be used at least for something. It has seating for 220-250.000 people originialy. But remember it was not meant as football stadium.
On 08/10/2013
By Daniel on 26/07/2013
it look good and smart.
By julius kibet koskei on 10/06/2013
No way that's 220000
By Cristiano ronaldo on 14/08/2012
to walk the lenght of the stadium.phewww
By lionel messi on 15/09/2011
Its the arena capacity, however, there is 9 pitches inside the arena. It was used for "spartakiadas" during socialism era.
By Re: mick on 14/10/2010
is that capacity all the 9 pitches with the seating around it ,if not what is the main arena capacity, it cant be 220000
By mick on 14/05/2010

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