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Other Names : The Office

Capacity : 35000

Year First Built : 1962

Status : In Use

Primary Sport or Event : Football (Soccer)

Main Tenant : Jamaica National Football Team

The National Stadium elevation above sea level : 93m

Location Map

Map showing the location of The National Stadium in Jamica.

Previous Comments For The National Stadium

I am surprised to know that the national stadium has another name independence park when did that happen this make me feel like I am not in the world I never heard any one use that name!!!
By Trevor tallman on 05/11/2017
As much as I had fear for the grand stand I don't remember what year pele first came to play in the national stadium but I was one one of the guy who climb the flood light pole and wacth the match there and the founder did pick a good spot to built it I enjoy many events there but I never been on the carpet
By Trevor tallman on 04/11/2017
Its is my delight to have this information provided to me I was a little boy when the stadium was built and was afraid to go there because my only experience at that time about it is 11workers die when it was constructed and the grand stand fell and kill some people but when my fear was over I only went to the bleachers but I am glad nothing further happened and we are enjoying it over the years
By Trevor tallman on 04/11/2017

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